General Information
Real Name Joshua Mellody
Label(s) Never Say Die Records
Official Website ZomboyOfficial
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Zomboy is the name of Joshua Mellody, Is a British dubstep and trap producer. He is currently signed to Never Say Die Records, but has worked with other labels.



  • The Outbreak (Never Say Die Records)-2014
  • Resurrected (Never Say Die Records)-2015


  • Game Time (Never Say Die Records)-2011
  • The Dead Symphonic (Never Say Die Records)-2012
  • Here to Stay (ft. Lady Chann) Remixes (No Tomorrow Records)-2013
  • Reanimated (Pt.1/2) (Never Say Die Records/No Tomorrow Records)-2013
  • Neon Grave (Never Say Die Records) - 2016
  • Neon Grave Remixes (Never Say Die Records)-2017
  • Rott N' Roll Part 1 (Never Say Die Records)-2017


  • Kick it (ft. SKisM) (Never Say Die Records)-2013
  • Run it (Never Say Die Records)-2013
  • Terror Squad VIP (Never Say Die Records)-2013
  • Here To Stay (feat. Lady Chan) (No Tomorrow Records)-2013
  • WTF!? (Never Say Die Records)-2014
  • Survivors (w/ MUST DIE!) (Never Say Die Records)-2014
  • Invaders (Never Say Die: Black Label)-2016
  • Dead Presidents (w/ 12th Planet) (feat. Jay Fresh)-2017
  • Rotten (feat. Bok Nero)-2017
  • Young and Dangerous (feat. Kato)-2017


  • Delta Heavy - Ghost
  • Dillon Francis - When We Were Young (ft. Sultan + Ned Shepard, The Chain Gang of 1974)
  • Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon
  • Foreign Beggars - Still Getting It (ft. Skrillex)
  • Fedde Le Grande - Where We Belong (ft. Di-rect)
  • Skrillex - Ragga Bomb (ft. Ragga Twins)
  • The Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down
  • Bro Safari - Follow

DJ Mixes

  • Paradiso 2014