Sometime in the year 2012, in a galaxy far, far away:

Well, back when I was a Senior in High School, I was in Graphic Design class. One of the kids a few seats over started playing a song that was very electric-y (I remember it was playing so loud the teacher complained xD!) and the song was stuck in my head all day. I had no clue the artist or the track. I went home and logged onto to World of Warcraft and asked if anyone knew any songs with lots of beeping and high pitched robots (how I described it xD) and one person responded in a private message "Look up Skrillex." So I did. I went through several songs, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Bangarang, First of the Year (Equinox), none of them were the song I heard at school. Eventually I stumbled upon it; Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex) remix.

I was hooked.

I stumbled upon the website "" that lets users track their music-listening habits (which I thought was awesome because I love making lists and viewing statistics xD!). So I started listening to Skrillex radio (which played artists and songs similar to his). Songs by artists such as Nero, Noisia, Burial, Scuba, Boxcutter, etc played, and I fell in love with the genre. In addition, I also found admiration in with electronic music as a whole, ranging from dubstep to drum and bass to UK Garage, glitch hop, idm, experimental, the list goes on and on!

Back in August of 2013, I found the Dubstep Wiki and soon began editing. After several months, which eventually turned into years passed, I adopted the wiki and changed it into what it is known as today, Bass Music, in order to expand on our content cause, let's face it: music is always fusing genres together. To label a song as one specific genre and not another is madness (not really xD).

Fast forwarded to present times: I have my iTunes filled with electronic artists that I play in my car (with the bass turned all the way up :D). My Spotify playlist consists of hundreds of electronic songs (yes, I have a separate playlist for non-electronic). I attempt to listen to music every day, through YouTube, Spotify,, and I encourage everyone else to do the same! You'll never know what you like until you've listened! Zmario

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