aka Lord Kappa

  • I live in Weedland
  • My occupation is Being a finnish
  • I am Stereotypical finnish guy
  • UksiHattu12


    February 7, 2014 by UksiHattu12

    I will not update this blog NEVER!

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  • UksiHattu12

    First Blog post!

    February 3, 2014 by UksiHattu12

    Well i said i start making this blog in Tuesday but i started making this blog in Monday but by the way i tell about myself. Well im 12 year old boy from Finland,Kerava. I love creepypastas,dubstep,fingerboarding,flash games and blogs. Im big fan of Eptic and i love he style a lot. I maybe tell what i did in this week in this blog and i write What i did in this week every Sunday!

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  • UksiHattu12

    Well,i tell what i did in this day and will tell about myself. Its a basic blog but i start writing in Tuesday.

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