General Information
Real Name Christopher Mercer
Occupation(s) DJ
Genre(s) Dubstep
Label(s) Dub Police, Sub Soldiers, Mad Decent, MapleMusic Recordings (Canada), OWSLA
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Christopher Mercer, more commonly known as his stage name of Rusko, is a prominent dubstep music producer and DJ from United Kingdom.


Christopher Mercer was born January 26th, 1985 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Heavily influenced by a musically affluent family, Rusko graduated from Leeds University with a degree in Musical Performance. Immersed in the world of Dubstep by self noted acts Sub Dub and Digital Mystikz, Rusko moved to London to work with the record label Sub Soldiers, and connect with now associated act Caspa.

Rusko made his production debut in 2006 on Dub Police with the song SNES Dub. By 2007 he released Babylon, Vol. 1 with Sub Soldiers. Steering away from the darker side of Dubstep, Rusko brought an upbeat sound to the scene that appealed to many outside the community. Rusko's extremely                                                                               successful hit Cockney Thug has appeared on various DJ sets and essential mixes including Pete Tong, Switch, Diplo and Santogold.

His music has been remixed by Mad Decent artists Buraka Som Sistema, Diplo, as well as Drop the Lime, Scratch Perverts, and fellow act Caspa.

Rusko's latest album is titled O.M.G.! was released on Mad Decent Records in early May, 2010.  



  • Caspa and Rusko - FabricLive.37 - Released: December 10, 2007
  • O.M.G.! - 2010

EPs and Singles

  • "SNES Dub" 2006 (Dub Police)
  • "Acton Dread" 2007 (Dub Police)
  • "Cockney Flute" 2007 (Dub Police)
  • "Babylon: Volume 1" 2007 (Sub Soldiers)
  • "BetaMax" 2007 (Veri Lo Records)
  • "Bed Bugz" 2007 (Veri Lo Records)
  • "William H Tonkers" 2007 (2nd Drop Records)
  • "Roma" 2007 (2nd Drop Records)
  • "Dubstep Warz" 2008 (Dub Files)
  • "Get Your Cock Out" 2008 (Dub Files)
  • "Girl From Codeine City" 2008 (Dub Thief's)
  • "Acton Dread Remix" 2008 (Dub Thief's)
  • "Gone 2 Far" 2008 (Sub Soldiers)
  • "2 N A Q" 2008 (Sub Soldiers)
  • "Mr. Chips" 2008 (Sub Soldiers)
  • "Hammertime" 2008 (Sub Soldiers)
  • "Cockney Thug" 2009 (Sub Soldiers)


  • "When Science Fails Remix" 2007 (Z Audio)
  • "Fire Remix" 2008 (Not on Label)
  • "Flickery Vision Remix" 2008 (Vizo Records)
  • "Take Me to the Hospital Remix" 2009 (Ministry of Sound)
  • "I Can Dream Remix" 2009 (One Little Indian)
  • "Feelings Gone" 2009 (XL Recordings)
  • "Pro Nails" 2010 (Asylum Records)


  • License To Thrill: Part Two 12" - Dub Police (2007)
  • Tempa Allstars Vol. 4 12" - Tempa (2007)
  • Rinse: 01 - Rinse Recordings (2007)
  • C'est La Vie 12" - One Little Indian (2008)
  • Cold Shoulder 12" - XL Recordings (2008)
  • Watch The Ride - Harmless (2008)
  • Exclusive Mix - Sub Soldiers (2008)
  • НАБЛЮДАЙ 8 - МИШКА (2008)
  • Amnesia Studio Mix - Zeno Dub (2008)
  • Beatdown - Fabric Records (2009)
  • Goresteps Most Hated - Borgore (2009)
  • Neonspread 2 - EMI Music Japan Inc. (2009)

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