London Zoo

London Zoo is the third album by electronic artist, The Bug. It was released on Ninja Tune in 2008.

Track Listing

  1. "Angry" (ft. Tippie Irie)
  2. "Murder We" (ft. Ricky Ranking)
  3. "Skeng" (ft. Killa P & Flow Dan)
  4. "Too Much Pain" (ft. Ricky Ranking)
  5. "Insane" (ft. Warrior Queen)
  6. "Jah War" (ft. Flow Dan)
  7. "Fuckaz" (ft. Spaceape)
  8. "You & Me" (ft. Robert Robinson)
  9. "Freak Freak"
  10. "Warning" (ft. Flow Dan)
  11. "Poison Dart" (ft. Warrior Queen)
  12. "Judgement" (ft. Ricky Ranking)

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