General Information
Real Name Jamie
Occupation(s) Music Producer / DJ
Years Active 2011 - present
Label(s) Never Say Die Records
Official Website LAXXOfficial
Social Links
Facebook Social Icon Twitter Social Icon Instagram Social Icon YouTube Social Icon SoundCloud Social Icon

LAXX is an electronic artist. He is signed to Never Say Die Records.



  • The Laxx EP - (Biscuit Factory Records) - 2011
  • The Creature E.P. (Biscuit Factory Records) - 2012
  • You Turn Me (Subway) - 2012
  • Computer Virus ‎(Wheel & Deal Records) - 2012
  • LAXX / Walsh / Farkas - Latest Technology EP (Wheel & Deal Records) - 2013
  • Step One (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Step Two (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Step Free (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Step Three (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Star Spangled Bangers (Never Say Die Records) - 2015
  • SKisM and LAXX-Hostile (Never Say Die Black Label) - 2015

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