General Information
Real Name Jamie
Occupation(s) Music producer, DJ
Genre(s) Dubstep
Label(s) Never Say Die Records
Official Website Official website
Social Links
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LAXX is an electronic artist. He is signed to Never Say Die Records.



  • The Laxx EP - (Biscuit Factory Records) - 2011
  • The Creature E.P. (Biscuit Factory Records) - 2012
  • You Turn Me (Subway) - 2012
  • Computer Virus ‎(Wheel & Deal Records) - 2012
  • LAXX / Walsh / Farkas - Latest Technology EP (Wheel & Deal Records) - 2013
  • Step One (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Step Two (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Step Free (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Step Three (Never Say Die Records) - 2014
  • Star Spangled Bangers (Never Say Die Records) - 2015
  • SKisM and LAXX-Hostile (Never Say Die Black Label) - 2015

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