General Information
Real Name Michaël Bella
Occupation(s) Music producer, DJ
Genre(s) Dubstep, electro house, drum n bass
Label(s) Never Say Die Records
Official Website Official website
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Eptic (real name: Michaël Bella) is a Belgian electronic artist.


Eptic's first release was 'Eptic EP' which was released on Chronos Records in 2011. He eventually left Chronos Records and joined Never Say Die Records with his Like a Boss which remained on the Beatport top 5 chart for several consecutive weeks. The release of Like A Boss EP and Slime City EP in 2012 which introduced Bella into dubstep and appeared on multiple albums with ‘Ministry of Sound’ and ‘Never Say Die’.

In early 2013, after returning from his tour with ‘Never Say Die Records’ he released ‘Mastermind EP’ which included some new genres Eptic wanted to try such as drum & bass, trap, & electro house. In late 2013 he released ‘Doom EP’ which included some of Eptic’s songs which he used on tour.

He has collaborated with various artists such as Habstrakt and MUST DIE!

Upcoming Tours

  • Fri 06 May 2016 Webster Hall New York, NY, US
  • Sat 07 May 2016 Hangar 305 Miami, FL, US
  • Thu 12 May 2016 Old Rock House St Louis, MO, US
  • Sat 14 May 2016 Miramar Theatre Milwaukee, WI, US
  • Fri 20 May 2016 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC, US
  • Fri 27 May 2016 Rawkus Colorado Springs, CO, US
  • Mon 25 Jul 2016 — Sun 31 Jul 2016 Emmabodafestivalen 2016 Emmaboda, Sweden




  • Eptic (2011, Chronos Records)
  • Like a Boss (2012, Never Say Die Records)
  • Mastermind (2013, Never Say Die Records)
  • Doom (2013, Never Say Die Records)
  • The End (2014, Never Say Die Records)
  • Immortal (2015, Never Say Die Records)
  • Overlord (2016, Never Say Die Records)


  • Slime City / Trouble (2012, Never Say Die Records)
  • Brainstorm (2014, Never Say Die Records)
  • Eptic & Habstrakt - On the Block (2015, Never Say Die Records)
  • Cosmic (2016, Never Say Die Records)
  • Swords & Dragons (2016, Never Say Die Records)
  • Nightshade (2016, Never Say Die Records)
  • Lazor 3000 (2016, Never Say Die Records)


  • Modestep - Feel Good (Eptic Remix)
  • Diesel - Butcher (Eptic Remix)
  • Technotronics - Pump Up The Jam (Eptic Remix)
  • SKisM - Power (Eptic Remix)
  • Levela & MC Funsta - Skatta (Eptic Remix)
  • Virus Snydicate - Ayah Bass [Ft. Trigga] (Eptic Remix)
  • Excision & Datsik - 8-Bit Superhero (Eptic Remix)
  • Barely Alive - Sell Your Soul [Ft. Jeff Sontag] (Eptic Remix)
  • Fedde Le Grand - Twisted (Eptic Remix)
  • SKisM & LAXX - Hostile (Eptic Remix)
  • Zomboy - Get With The Program [Remixed with Trampa]