Dubloadz has been a rapidly rising star over the last 2 years, having come out of nowhere to really carve out a niche for his trademark wobbly sound.

Often credited as one of the key artists in turning around the more underground side of Dubstep, Dave Nardolilli has seen a lot of support from key players such as Skrillex, Excision, Datsik, 12th Planet and more, as well as being snapped up by Disciple Recordings along the way.

With collaborations with Trampa, Virtual Riot, and 50 Carrot, remixes for Dodge & Fuski and 12th Planet, and a string of sold out show across North America already under his belt, the pace is building quickly for the LA-based producer. Dubloadz toured across Australia and New Zealand kicking off his 2016.

Dubloadz released his debut album in 2017 on the increasingly popular record label Disciple.

General Information
Real Name Dave Nardolilli
Location Los Angeles
Occupation(s) Artist
Genre(s) Dubstep, Bass House, Electro
Years Active 2013 - Present
Label(s) Disciple Records
Social Links
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"Fight Music EP"
  • Fight Music
  • Hoodlum Havoc
  • Hustle Life (w/ p0gman)
  • Zobbed (w/ Sushi Samson)
"Jugular EP"
  • Heat!
  • Dangalang (w/ Trollphace)
  • Ill Comunnication
  • Sour Patch
  • Whoa Dude!


"Dubloadz And Friendz 20k Free Album"
  • Hateraid (w/ Da-Bow)
  • Piledriver
  • NGANJO (w/ 50 Carrot)
  • Cosmic Yarn
  • Adventure Beaks (w/ 12th Planet)
  • Can Of Wormz (w/ Axel Boy)
  • Transit (w/ Sushi Samson)
  • Sphere
  • Blast Processing (w/ Coffi)
  • Via
"Lost In The Sauce EP"
  • Lost In The Sauce (w/ Crichy Crich)
  • Frogger
  • Ruff Stuff (w/ Trampa)
  • What's Poppin'?
  • Biscuit Stank


"Cuck Life EP"
  • Cuck Life (w/ Crichy Crich)
  • Brainwashed
  • Solar Sheep
  • Calamari (w/ Barely Alive)


"Stocking Cuckers EP"
  • Rotten Tomatoes (w/ Spag Heddy)
  • Go Mad! (w/ Krimer)
  • Death Horse (w/ Oolacile)
"Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts LP"
  • Cringe Control (feat. Crichy Crich)
  • Mind Eraser
  • Ghosts On Acid
  • Riddim Rats
  • Sick Woofer
  • Break the Rail (w/ Sullivan King)
  • Don't Get Spooked (w/ Virtual Riot)
  • For Fucks Sake
  • Drunken Record
  • Weapon X (w/ FuntCase)
  • Bubble Bobble
  • Life Goes On (feat. Anuka)
  • Fight Music 2017

Appears On


  • Mercenary
  • Astro Jacks


"Chug Chug EP"
  • Chug Chug
  • Fight Music - VIP
  • Pocket Pussy (w/ Algo)
  • The Foz (w/ Trollphace)
  • Windows 95 - VIP (w/ Kram)


  • Furry Things In The Snackbar
  • Swamp City (w/ Maze)
  • Battle Mode (w/ London Nebel)
  • Ganja White Knight - Bubblegum (Dubloadz Remix)


  • Crunch Time
  • Wackadoodle (w/ Walter Wilde)
  • Dope Ass Clouds
  • Back to the Future (w/ JVST SAY YES)


  • What's Poppin'? - VIP
  • Juices (w/ Virtual Riot)
  • Lost In The Sauce (Cookie Monsta Remix)
  • Ruff Stuff (Bukez Finezt Remix)
  • Power Crystal


  • The Savage Wonk Undead Mix
  • Datsik & 1000volts (Redman & Jayceeoh)- Monster (Dubloadz Remix)
  • Spag Heddy - Loca (Dubloadz Remix)
  • Excision - Virus (Dubloadz Remix)
  •  Sludge Monster (w/ Answerd)


  • Salt