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General Information
Real Name Toshihiko Mori
Occupation(s) Music producer, DJ
Genre(s) Dubstep, drum and bass
Label(s) Rottun Recordings, Ajapai Entertainment
Official Website Official website
Social Links
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Ajapai is the stage name of Toshihiko Mori, a music producer and DJ born in Japan on July 25, 1975.



  • Unlock EP (2013, Rottun Recordings)
  • Spark EP (2015, Rottun Recordings)


  • Liquid Stranger & Ajapai - Contamination (2012, Rottun Recordings)
  • Drop the Bomb (2012, Rottun Recordings)
  • Power / Press the Button (2012, Dim Mak Records)
  • There's A Riot Goin' On (2012, Rottun Recordings)
  • Mobilized VIP (2012, Rottun Recordings)
  • Crush (2012, Rottun Recordings)
  • The Golden Ring Of Fire (2012, Ajapai Entertainment)
  • Excision & Ajapai - Blast Off (2013, Destroid Music)
  • Buggin' Out / Impact (2013, Ajapai Entertainment)
  • Liquid Stranger & Ajapai - Swarm (2013, Warpath Group)
  • Destroy (2013, Rottun Recordings)
  • Blow Up (2013, Rottun Recordings)
  • The Force of Impact (2014, Rottun Recordings)
  • Deathblow (2014, Rottun Recordings)
  • Get Wild (2014, Ajapai Entertainment)
  • Mayhem & Ajapai - Get It Together (2015, Firepower Records)


  • Downlink - Get Down
  • Muffler - Megatronik

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