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Genre(s) Dubstep,Glitchstep,
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ADROA is a Canadian Dubstep producer. Adroa started DJing in 2007 then producing in 2008. Quickly, he came to love the sound of dnb and Dubstep. After spending many hours in the studio pushing his skills further in audio engineering and sound design, he signed Decimation, his debut EP to the record label widely known for its cutting edge and mind-melting dubstep, Rottun Recordings. Decimation quickly stormed the charts, reaching number three on the dnb and number six on the Dubstep Top 100 Beatport charts. It became a must-have for some of the biggest names in Dubstep and dnb gaining DJ support from the likes of Excision, Downlink, Datsik, Diesel Boy, Evol Intent, and Mat The Alien. Soon after the success of the Decimation EP, Adroa continued to work hard in the studio on collabs, remixes,and solo projects and quikly followed up his debut EP with his remix of "Excision and Downlink - Heavy Artillery". It is no doubt that Adroa has proven to be one the most heavy hitting rookie artists of 2011.

Stay tuned for the dance floor smashers he will be releasing on Rottun Recordings in the near future as well as many more promotional tracks on Adroa’s SoundCloud.