General Information
Real Name Jason Morrison, Eddie Jefferys
Occupation(s) Music producers
Genre(s) Dubstep
Label(s) MTA Records
Social Links

16bit is an electronic music duo from London, UK consisting of Jason Morrison and Eddie Jefferys. They are signed to Chase & Status' MTA Records.


16bit are two electronic music artists best known for producing dubstep music. They have been working together in a group since late 2008. 16bit won 'Best Mix' at the 2010 Dubstep Forum Awards for their 'Milky Pie Mix' and came 2nd top in the Best Producer category.

Other Composed Work

16bit's debut release, in 2009, was "In The Death Car EP" which featured the track "Chainsaw Calligraphy" recognized for its innovative qualities at the time. Their first live set as 16Bit was in Tokyo. Since then they have been putting on some temperature-checking sets around the world and getting their dubplates spun out by some of dubsteps greater names like Chef and Rusko. They have stated on Facebook that they're working on their debut album for a 2012 release.

They have had releases on Boka, Destpub, Urban Essentials, Sequence and forthcoming on the legendary Southside Dubstars.

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