12th Planet
12 planet
General Information
Real Name John Dadzie
Occupation(s) Music producer, DJ
Genre(s) Dubstep, electro house, hip-hop
Label(s) Imperial Recordings, SMOG Records
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Born in Los Angeles in 1982, John Dadzie aka Infiltrate aka 12th Planet prescribes a transatlantic flavor to Med School. Growing up in the south of the city, Johna€™s musical apprenticeship began in his high school days by playing in bands and regularly attending raves and jungle parties. The turning point came when he formed Imperial Recordings with DJ Lithe, a stepping stone for John to excel in a field of production and management.

The Infiltrate profile skyrocketed thanks to support from Boxed Agency UK and John hot-footed it across the Atlantic stepping into the European dance circuit. He was able to catch the attention of big players in the d&b community with releases on Cartel, Renegade Hardware, Tech Itch, Bar code, Cymbal ism, and Uprising. Infiltrate has forged successful collaborations with heavy hitting d&b artists such as Spoor, Lime wax, Concord Dawn, Evil Intent and Mayhem. He also joined forces with Dave “Hooch€ Weston, producing a telling remix of the massive Photoed single “Sidewinder€. On the back this he later helped establish the TOKED label, a subsidiary of Photoed Productions.

Infiltrate aka 12th Planet expresses himself as an artist in multiple genres including dubstep, electro and hip-hop.